About Me

If you're looking for my résumé, please see my contact information over at the contact page. If you want to know about me, read on...

I came to my current career the long way around. I originally entered The Ohio State University with the dream of becoming a Pulitzer-prize-winning columnist in the vein of Dave Barry. While in journalism school, I developed an interest in editorial design and the then emerging internet. Unfortunately OSU didn't offer any web design programs at that point, so I took computer science and art courses.

After graduating, I worked in newspaper design and dabbled in web design. I eventually left editorial design in favor of the possibilities offered by marketing design. That's where I am now. I began as a a designer and discovered a talent for incorporating technology into my designs. As my skills grew, I began to develop the managerial talents that allowed me to supervise a team of designers, copywriters and freelancers. I also found a natural knack for marketing. These skills have lead me into my current role as a full-time marketer and designer.

After several years of in-house design, I took a position as director of marketing for a small tech company. Following that success, I decided to strike out on my own as a full-time Creative Director and Marekting Designer for a select list of clients, including CMO Digital Marketing, Bloomberg, and Breakbulk events.

But you can get all that on my résumé. What about me? Put simply, I am a geek. A game geek - I love video games, role-playing games and even board games. A wine geek - my wife and I have turned this love into a blog we're getting off the ground (Tuesday/Friday Wine). A travel geek - I travel as much as possible and always attempt to live like a local. I could go on, but I need to save something for later.

About The Site

The design of this site is pretty simple, but that's the point. You may, however, notice some neat uses of javascript (the lightbox gallery for example) and lesser-known CSS techniques such as the rotated navigation.

I always have a love/hate relationship with my portfolio site. I feel like the time to do it properly just doesn't exist. However, I still manage to make updates now and then. If you want to see how the site has evolved, check out the old versions below:

2009 Site B - a stop-gap redesign

2009 Site A - an attempt to do something a little more fun

2008 Site - what happens when I try to shake up clean design

2007 Site - another stop-gap design as I developed my style






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